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Heart Rate Variability vs. Stress & Anxiety

It is known that Heart Rate Variability is reduced in depressed and anxious people who are

otherwise physically healthy.


An analysis of 24 independent studies totaling 484 participants receiving Heart Rate Variability

biofeedback breathing training concluded that Heart Rate Variability biofeedback training is

associated with a large reduction in self-reported stress and anxiety. Heart Rate Variability

(HRV) is a measurement of the activity of the calming nervous system called parasympathetic

nervous system.


Significant improvement in depression was noted with HRV biofeedback breathing training.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms manifest with depression and lower HRV. HRV

biofeedback paced breathing exercises increased HRV and significantly reduced PTSD

symptoms and depression and improved sleep. Breathing at your Personal Best Relaxation

Breathing Rate increases HRV indicating an increased strength in the calming parasympathetic

nervous system.  

HRV biofeedback. Golfer’s stress was reduced and sports performance scores improved during

9 holes of virtual reality golf after 10 weeks of HRV biofeedback relaxation breathing training.

HRV Biofeedback training improved relaxation and game performance with basketball players.


ichoiceRelax measures your HRV and acting as a heart rate guide, guides you to breathe at

your Personal Best Relaxation Breathing Rate where you increase and strengthen your HRV. 

Longer exhalation and slower breathing at the perfect rate increases HRV. A higher HRV is

associated with a stronger calming parasympathetic nervous system and improved health.


Your optimum relaxation breathing rate changes based on your state of mind. Negative

emotions, worries, and intrusive thoughts can cause HRV to go down. While using our

ichoiceRelax breathing coach app, focus on your breath and the breathing coach, music, audio,

videos and pictures. Focusing will help you be mindful of the present and eliminate your

wandering thoughts to reduce anxiety. If you would like to listen to your own music from your

phone, simply mute the sound on the app and play music from your own music library or from a

streaming service. We also include guided meditation and Progressive Muscle Relaxation

(PMR) exercises to help reduce stress and calm down.

Other relaxation techniques that help increase Heart Rate Variability are yoga, meditation and

mindfulness. The ichoiceRelax technology is a useful tool to guide you to breathe at your

Personal Best Relaxation Breathing rate while participating in these exercises.

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