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Good Stress vs. Bad Stress

Stress can be either positive or negative. To some, stress may be a sense of concentration when faced with a new and challenging situation, or it may be a sense of anxiety you feel after you had a bad day. In either case, you can learn to manage stress so that you can be in control.

Your physical reaction to stress is always the same. During stress, your stress (arousal) response is automatic, and when you are faced with a challenging situation, your muscles tense, your heart rate, breathing rate, and blood pressure increase. You may start to perspire, and you may even notice a tightening sensation in your stomach. You may feel more mentally alert and focused. This stress response prepares your body to meet an

immediate challenge. Good stress is short term since as soon as the challenge has been met, or a threat has been dealt with, your body is able to relax and return to normal.

Good stress can help improve concentration, focus, performance, and can often help you to reach your peak efficiency. Many people complete their best work while under pressure. Then, once the challenge has been completed, they sit back, calm down and enjoy their achievements. This “Relaxation Response” allows them to build up physical and emotional reserves to meet the next challenge and is a key element of positive stress. Your physical stress response helps you meet challenging or threatening situations and is an automatic and essential fact of life. Positive stress is a series of arousal and relaxation responses that help you deal with change and the challenges or stressors of daily life.

Stress is negative when it becomes a constant, chronic physical state and when you cannot calm down after meeting a challenge or tight deadline. With negative stress, there is no relaxation period between one stressor and the next. When your body does not relax and the stress is continuous, it causes physical and emotional strain. In today’s world, we are faced with constant, daily stressors. It’s no wonder that some people think of stress as a way of life. Unfortunately, when stress becomes a constant, ongoing cycle, your health (both physical and mental) can suffer. Negative stress has been linked with many emotional and physical ailments such as anxiety, depression, diabetes, cancer, coronary heart disease, circulatory disease, obesity, and asthma.

If you can learn to manage the stress in your life, you can alleviate much of the harmful effects of bad stress. It is important to learn how your body reacts to stress. It is essential to learn how to be calm in order to remain healthy.

Practicing relaxation techniques and developing a positive attitude and lifestyle can help. ichoiceRelax monitors your stress levels. Compare your stress levels when you are calm and when you are stressed out.

Compare your heart rate when you are calm and when you are not. Use ichoiceRelax to breathe at your Personal Best Relaxation Breathing Rate to reduce the stress response. Included in our app are guided meditations, visuals and music to help you relax and be mindful in the moment.

It is time to try something new. ichoiceRelax will lead you on the path towards good health and happiness.

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