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General Wellness - Find a Healthier You!

General wellness consists of the connection between your body, mind, heart and soul. You can be healthy at any age and at any stage in your life in any circumstance. The power is in the individual to decide in a determined way to achieve the goal of wellness.

Good health is about “physical” health – however, not at the exclusion of a mental and spiritual attitude. It is easy to measure cholesterol, EKG and other physical aspects. However, there are more specific aspects of wellness and good health that are not so easily determined by these concrete measurements. To become healthier, it is important to address the physical aspects of wellness. If you ignore other components such as emotional, social, spiritual, environmental and intellectual aspects of your life, you are overlooking much of becoming well. This is also ideal for managing stress.

Beginning with physical wellness, exercise is of urgent importance. We suggest practicing yoga. Determine the range and level of fitness you want to achieve, then discover ways to reach those goals. With determination and practice, you can become and stay healthy at your own rate. As exercise becomes fun, the more you want to do it, and the more benefits will be reaped. A healthy diet is also the way to improve and maintain physical wellness. Just as physical exercise and a healthy diet becomes habitual, the other aspects of wellness can become a part of your daily life as well.

General mindfulness regarding emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual wellness will put you on the path to good health. Find some “alone” time every day to reignite your inner health. Learn how to address feelings, ideas and beliefs and then learn how to respond to these feelings in the actual moment. You don’t have to be religious to find inner peace. Spirituality, gratitude and general optimism can help everyone remain healthy as well as recover from illness. Use this time to clear your thoughts and focus on your breathing.

We all put our minds on autopilot to get through our daily activities. We can all relate to having too much to do. Mindfulness is a wonderful simplifying tool since it leads you in the opposite direction of doing too much. Living in the moment, even if it is for a small part of your day, will put what is important and what is not important into a better perspective.

ichoiceRelax will help guide you through your daily “alone” time to relax enough to achieve peace. The peaceful state will guide you towards better health with the habit of daily practice of 20 minutes each day. Listen to your favorite music and allow yourself to relax with the ichoiceRelax Pulse Oximeter. Simply listen and learn how to breathe towards relaxation and a healthier you!

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