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Biological, Psychological and Social Effects of Stress

All of us need help coping with stress. In order to recover from stress, we need to identify the causes of stress. Stress can originate from biological, psychological, and social components. We have to recognize the extent to which chronic stress might be killing us slowly. Chronic stress has a definite and high impact on our health. Stress weighs heavily on our performance, our achievements, and general well-being.

Reducing Biological Stress

Our bodies respond to good stress by releasing adrenaline and cortisol hormones into our blood to elicit a quick response to a perceived stressor. We respond by using fight, flight and freeze. Constant alertness to no real risk leads to a prolonged stress response with these hormones always circulating in our blood stream. Sustained elevation of stress with its release of stress hormones cause brain function and volume size changes resulting in memory and learning impairment, and behavioral disturbances such as anxiety and depression. Failing to manage stress lessens focus and concentration and can lead to ADHD and panic disorder. Hyper stress mode depletes the body of its energy resources. Our biology is not meant to handle constant stress, so we have to focus on stress reducing activities. It is necessary to figure out how to biologically handle your stress and calm down. ichoiceRelax can help improve breathing, relax your muscles and reduce stress.

Reducing Psychological Stress

On a practical level, we all need to make time for self-care. We have to show up every day to eat well, exercise, and practice physical and psychological care. A constant state of high alert causes physical and psychological damage to our bodies. Constant tension inhibits neuron production which can cause memory issues and depression. People who are depressed have a smaller hippocampus. This can lead to lack of attention and poor decision making. Balance your psychological stress by doing breathing exercises with the ichoiceRelax app.

Reducing Social Stress

In our society, success is measured by our achievements and material success. These pressures lead to the anxiety and inability to enjoy success, happiness and relaxation. Instead, it’s important to focus on reducing anxiety. With a constant focus on heavy competition on and high achievement, tension can be excessive. We all need space to find our own personal best definitions to prosper and grow. It is your duty to relieve chronic stress to grow and develop. Improve stress and anxiety by practicing your breathing on the ichoiceRelax app for 20 mins per day.

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