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What is SMART Pulse Oximeter + relaxation coach?
A system to teach you how to breathe at your Personal Best Relaxation Breathing Rate to help reduce stress, calm you down, and improve your health and focus. The scientific term for your Personal Best Relaxation Breathing Rate is Resonance Frequency Breathing   Your Resonance Frequency Breathing Rate is NOT your normal breathing rate.  It is only used during the breathing exercises and when you want to calm down or increase your ability to perform.

How does it work?
The fingertip sensor transmits vital readings in real-time to the free app. Using these live readings, the app will personalize breathing exercises to help you achieve optimum relaxation.

What phones are compatible?
The ichoiceRelax app is compatible with Apple phones iOS 12.0 or higher and Android phones 5.0 or higher.  Note:  You will need at least 500mb of free disk space for app to run smoothly.

How do I connect the heart rate sensor to my app?
After you sign in, the app will begin to search for a heart rate sensor within Bluetooth range. It will connect automatically. Note: Make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on.

Why isn’t my heart rate sensor connecting to the App?
Make sure your heart rate sensor is on your finger and turned on. The app connects to the fingertip sensor via Bluetooth technology. Check your phone’s settings. Make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on.

Why isn’t my heart rate sensor getting a reading?
Make sure your hands are warm and dry. If there is not enough blood flow to your fingertip, the sensor may not get an accurate reading. Fingernail polish may affect this. Turn your finger on its side to avoid this issue.

My heart rate reading is not accurate. Why?
The sensor may be having a hard time getting a reading. To get an accurate reading, your hands must be warm and dry. If there is not enough blood flow to the fingertip, the sensor will not read correctly. Try warming your hands up to increase the blood flow and try again.

Why do I sometimes get an error message on the App “Heart Rate Not Detected”?
The Heart Rate Sensor computes large amounts of data each second.  Sometimes hand movement or other factors interrupt the data management for a second or two.  This will cause a momentary error message. A low battery may also cause this error message.  Check your batteries.

Can I wear the heart rate device while sleeping?
Yes. We encourage you to use the heart rate sensor to help you fall asleep.


Can another person use my device?
Yes. Note: if another person uses your device when taking a Baseline Reading, the trends will reflect all readings taken.  The trends are not user specific.   

What material is the heart rate sensor made of?
The heart rate sensor is made of soft silicone. The unit is Latex Free.

How do I clean the sensor?
It is not necessary to clean the heart rate sensor. It is possible for dirt and dust to build up inside the finger housing which may cause erratic readings or in some cases no reading at all. If you need to clean the sensor, use a damp cloth or alcohol wipe. Clean the area where the finger is inserted. DO NOT overly wet or submerge the fingertip sensor in any form of liquid.   

How long does the battery last?
This unit is rechargeable via USB.  The battery can support 2 hours of continuous use or approximately 400 measurements.

Is it painful? 
No. Our technology is noninvasive, safe and painless.

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