Relaxation Breathing

Guided by Your Heart Rate

Personalized breathing pacers guided by your live heart rate readings obtained by the non-invasive fingertip smart oximeter sensor

  • Reduce your anxiety and stress

  • Calm down and improve your sleep

  • Reduce muscle tension

  • Activate your body’s natural relaxation response

  • Increase focus and improve performance

Along with a healthy lifestyle, relaxation breathing techniques and reduced stress may help lower your risk of developing and/or reduce the impact of Type 2 Diabetes & High Blood Pressure.


Pacers driven by your heart rate guide you to breathe at your best relaxation breathing rate


Follow pacers guided by your heart rate while watching calming videos with relaxing sounds


Calming videos with relaxing sounds guide you to release bodily tension, be present in the moment and help you fall asleep


View past readings and track improvements with interactive charts and graphs

For general wellness and health applications including sports, fitness, and relaxation management.

Not intended to be used in prevention, diagnosis, or treatment of any disease.

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